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Is age just a number !!

Is age just a number !!

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You ask any woman her age and pat comes a reply ” you shouldn’t ask women their age”, while men would say “my age is x , while I am young at heart”.

If age is just a number , then why so conscious.If you have to hide your age then you already know something is amiss for your age and the social pressure of achieving things by a certain age also adds to the insecurity 🙂
Age can be measured using time spent on earth , appearance , physical ability and or certain health parameters. Though appearance is usually used to guess a persons age with respect to time , it is very likely ones physical/ body age exceeds his age@time on earth by over 25 % in the case of city dwellers and people with sedentary lifestyles and sleep patterns.

Falling short of breath climbing 2-3 floors , unable to walk for more than 15-20 minutes , unable to stand longer while we can forget running altogether.

This is also the state of most 30-35 year olds and sadly it’s not getting any better since physical activity is confined to annual sports day or some infrequent gatherings and most get-togethers are now over a huge meal.
Muscles , bones and organs need to behave like those of a 30 yr old for someone who is around 28-32 years of age.

Some might carry a body age from Thier teens Into Their youth and some might an older body age than they should.

Physical fitness is a good indicator of body age and physical activity and conditioning is a good way of keeping body age where it should be.
I do not advocate pushing yourself to extremes to feel young, but one should be able to perform his daily routine for his age. I don’t expect a 60 yr old to sprint but he can walk in a comfortable place.

There is no harm in your body age not being anywhere close to where it should be, I believe in body age supporting the things you want to be doing.

If you don’t want to be very physically active then so be it and the gym is not the only solution.

Simple yoga stretches can help , brisk walking and eating home made food and avoiding heavy junk can help maintain your body age while also improving your appearance age.

Some have gifted genetics which accounts for their excellent fitness while some like me have genes of a sloth and an elephant put together( without the elephant’s strength offcourse). Till i get it right, let’s just stick to saying age is just a number and so is my weight and the size of my waist and hips :). For those who say hips don’t lie , my hips perfectly and mostly lie down on the sofa or bed.

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