Malika Kabra Rathi

Clinical Nutritionist & Food Therapist

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How it Works

All the programs are uniquely designed in such a way that you can enjoy the process. So, relax while I Ensure Your Life Transformation Journey is Full of Fun!!

My Connection with food is much beyond hunger and satisfaction, spoons and plates, breakfast, lunch and dinner times, festivals,s and parties. My relationship with food impacts every area of our life and vice versa. Simple changes in life e.g. Chewing your food very well can bring about amazing outcomes to your health.

I teach you how to Love, Nourish and Commit to yourself like never before. And all this is done with a perfect balance of Scientific Research-based Nutrition programs along with hands-on experience of over 10 years to empower you to make your own life choices (even how much to eat and when to eat) without having to call it some diet program as the word ‘diet’ resonates with restriction.

It is only and only about Liberation. Liberation from –

Counting Calories​

Damaging old habits​

Body Shaming​

Consuming Diet / Low Calorie Foods​

Fear of gaining weight eating ‘favourite’ foods​

Fitting into a particular size

Living a healthy and happy life should not sound or be complicated.

My Aim is to create Freedom, flexibility and fun around the most basic act of eating along with Achieving our health and fitness Goals as a by-product.

So, lets feel more connected to our bodies and develop a deeper connection between our mind and Body (Gut and Brain) and increase confidence in our Routine Life, Work, home and Relationships and embrace good health and longevity.