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best dietician and nutritionist in mumbai

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Hi, I am Malika Kabra Rathi, a mother of 2 boys and a passionate Clinical Nutritionist & Wellness coach for the last 18years. I have always believed in the power of healing through good Nutrition & Lifestyle Modification. I combine the power of Science and Ancient Nutrition and customize a Nutrition Plan after seeing a client’s blood reports strictly.



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best dietician and nutritionist in mumbai

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Care About Nutrition For Your Health

Malika Kabra Rathi is one of the best dietician and nutritionist in Mumbai. She holds a graduate and master’s degree in clinical nutrition and Dietetics from Mumbai University and S.N.D.T University respectively. She has hosted Health Maange More, a nutrition-based cookery show on Food Food Channel for Season 2 and Season 3. In a career spanning 15 years, she has made great strides in her career and is a Young Achiever.

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Care About Nutrition For Your Health

Weight issues

Whether weight gain or weight loss, being in a desirable weight range is a prerequisite to good health and to keep all ailments at bay. Remember slow and steady weight loss with no crash diet is always sustainable.


The main cause of a person having Type 2 diabetes is food habits and faulty lifestyle and to a small extent genetic predisposition. It is possible to reverse diabetes in many cases and get off Insulin in all cases if a good diet and exercise regime is followed.

Gut Health

Research has proven that most mental and physical ailments stem from a weak digestive system and compromised gut health. IBS, chronic constipation, constant bloating, indigestion, acidity, ulcers, migraine, anxiety, sleep issues, hair loss, and skin issues all stem from an unhealthy gut.


Research has shown healthy eating habits and regular physical activity helps to manage PCOS. A high-fat diet that includes a whole range of natural and healthy fats, moderate protein, and carbohydrates is the key to managing PCOS along with some important supplements.


With women struggling to get pregnant and /or on IVF, an alkaline diet focussing on some essential nutrients like Iron, Folic acid, Omega 3 fats, and isoflavones and for men, a diet high in antioxidants definitely betters their chance of conception and maintain a healthy pregnancy throughout. We also have antenatal and postnatal Nutrition Programs focusing on traditional Indian diet & ancient herbs (postnatal).’

Child Nutrition

Children need more attention to their nutritional needs as they are in a growing phase. Fussy and picky eating, low attention span, hyperactivity, aversion to trying new foods, and lack of basic regimen can all be dealt with personalized Nutrition Plans and Self-help guides that parents can follow at every junction they get stuck. Remember parents themselves need to set good examples before addressing their children’s poor eating habits.

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Watch this video if you are against “Crash Diets” and support “Balanced Diet”. This episode of “The Diet Roast” is about busting myths around Super foods and instead focusing on simple ways to be healthy and fit.

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One on one Nutrition Program

Group Nutrition Program

Personalised Nutrition Program: Every individual is born different with different genetic make up, skills, biological structure, eating habits, metabolic rate, blood group then their diets also must be different. A customised plan which is best suited for an individual with more focus on their strengths and weaknesses is what is offered in a personalised plan with timely reminders, daily follow ups, weekly discussions and one on one face to face consultation. The goal to be achieved is also decided mutually and an action plan is strictly adhered to.

Group Nutrition Programs: What looks like an impossible task alone can get easy to achieve in a group set up. For people who lack discipline all alone generally sign up for this group program where different members from a same family or friend circle or a corporate firm or different individuals who do not know each other too can come together (these ones are available on selective dates only). This program is conducted in a group set up where first consultation is done individually but there after they become a part of a group (not more than 10 a time) and help each other achieve their goals with our team on board with monthly consultations and weekly reminders.

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