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Do you eat Food with interest?

Do you eat Food with interest?

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We are not alien to the concept of simple and compound interest when it comes to finances or money but how do you consume your food, with interest ??

Interest in financial terms are gains that are added to a principal quantity in your account over time. An increase in Gains is good when it comes to your finances but an increase in gains or let’s say an increase in food grains is not healthy when it comes to your body.

Eating more food than you can burn leads to the excess being stored in your body’s food bank in the form of fats which is not necessarily good and maybe not even required. This Excess will lead to the added weight which will slow you down and lower your metabolism ( not to be confused with meatballism where you consume a lot of meatballs).

Lower metabolism then leads to burning less food which eventually leads to storing more fats in the body.

This interest compounded over time can lead to a plethora of lifestyle issues and diseases that can kill you or can kill your finances( which can eventually kill you)

Next time before you go all Kung Fu panda on the food table, think about interest and its negative consequences.

Disclaimer: This post was written at a lavish 7-course buffet table

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