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How do you tell a child who has just lost his parents in a disaster or an accident to get a grip and or cope up. No you cant have courage all the time when you need it the most.

You have fear all the time with you even when it doesn’t serve any purpose while courage is the virtue we hope to possess but lack. Every time we enter a fearful state we have a choice to get over that fear and gain some much needed courage.

Fear and courage most of the time go hand in hand.

I ain’t an expert on courage though it seems that courage is something you can gather  by doing the things you need to do despite not knowing how to do them or not wanting to do them.

It is a state achieved post completing something irrespective of the result and learning you are capable and empowered to do certain things you haven’t accomplished  before. Doing things that might get you nowhere also requires courage , going against the herd or taking a stand or learning to question or saying no. All you need to do is start somewhere and keep moving without losing hope.

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