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Do we need dieticians or nutritionists?

Do we need dieticians or nutritionists?

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Given the hesitation of people to consult one, I at times wonder do we need nutrition experts or guidance on eating.

In the world of medicine, we come across several tribes: general physicians, surgeons for various parts of the body, emergency accident and trauma care providers, anesthetists, and nursing staff whose services are immediate or tend to be corrective with visible results over just our mere presence, we don’t have to do much.

There are certain experts like fitness trainers, physiotherapists, and health counselors ( mental and physical) whose care can range from precautionary to immediate to corrective and we need to be present and participate in terms of effort.

Nutrition in my opinion also falls under the precautionary level of practice and the effort is ugly, it calls for awareness of daily habits, food patterns, and fitness lifestyle, no test gives you diet patterns as an output, past or present.

Blood reports don’t tell you what you ate and when did you stuff the ugly stuff inside.

Despite being a lot of effort I would rather have an expert worry about the analysis than do it myself over Google and personally, a dietician is less likely to offer you pills as a corrective measure.

Am not saying you need one but consulting one doesn’t have to be an awkward experience. It can be one visit or more based on what output you expect.

If you can manage to manage your health without help good for you else an expert is always available.

Just as an analogy, consider a financial advisor, you may not need one if you read all documentation around the instruments you choose the invest in, but consulting one can be handy as there might be instances where a sound knowledge of investments can aid your financial plan in the long run.

Similarly, a nutritionist would be better suited to assess and aid or redesign your lifestyle based on your gender, food history, and age-related physical or hormonal changes.

Your mother managed your father’s food is not a relevant argument since she was home and was aware of the eating habits and patterns of family members, nowadays mothers and wives are working too and it’s up to an individual to track and monitor health at large while cooking is heavily outsourced.

One might say an app does all this, but at the end of the app, there is an expert itself to give you custom advice.

One can’t ask an old overweight man to run and change eating patterns all of a sudden in general.

And no, nutrition experts don’t have the time to judge you or get paranoid over your misdeeds every day as it is your health at stake. You can eat the burger without telling them but they can easily make out what you have been up to by a mere glance especially the married women who practice nutrition, they have a well-developed Sherlock sense thanks to their bitter halves and kids.

Maybe this needs to be continued!!!;

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